New England IPA with Sabro, Mosaic & Meridian

ABV: 6.5%
IBU: 22

“Every Hour is Grace”

Nothing in life is guaranteed. In times of uncertainty, perseverance is fueled by the consciousness of one’s blessings, and by acts of goodwill upon others. We dedicate this release to the tenacious resilience of the human spirit, and to those who’s actions strengthen the bonds which unite us all as one.

Featuring the distinctive Sabro hop variety–supported by Mosaic and Meridian–this NEIPA leads with truly unique aromas of cedar wood and tangerine peel, followed by flavors of ripe tropical fruit, along with nuances of creamy vanilla and coconut.

10oz Draft- – – – – – – – – $5.00 USD

16oz Draft – – – – – – – – $7.00 USD

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